Tips For Expressing Feminine Energy

Tips For Expressing Feminine Energy

Women who want to attract traditionally masculine men need to express a feminine energy to provide the right balance and magnetism in the relationship. Women who are accustomed to taking the lead in their social and professional lives may want to consider a different approach to dating, particularly if they are interested in men with traditionally masculine traits. The following are some tips for expressing feminine energy within a relationship. To see more, visit this Instagram site.

Be Pursued Rather Than Pursuing

At the beginning of a relationship, men like to be the pursuers. They like to be the ones who initiate communication and make invitations. A woman who wants to be perceived as feminine should wait for his texts and calls rather than reaching out. When a woman really likes a man, she may be tempted to express her feelings right away and move the relationship forward, but masculine-type men generally prefer to take the lead. By allowing him to lead, the woman demonstrates her trust and confidence in him, and this can be very seductive.

Receive With Gratitude

Another aspect of being pursued is accepting a man’s gifts. If he offers to drive on a date, saying yes is a way of expressing trust in him. When he offers to pay, he’s assuming his natural role as a provider even if the woman he is with earns a high income. By saying thank you rather than fighting over the check, the feminine woman acknowledges his ability to provide. Asking a man for help is also a powerful way to express feminine energy.

Avoid Competing

Competition is a strong trait in the alpha male, but many women have a competitive nature as well. Women who want to express their feminine energy should make an effort to repress their competitive instinct on a date. Allowing men to talk about themselves and their fields of expertise without trying to point out their mistakes or gaps in their knowledge gives them confidence. Women can and should share their own experiences and ideas, but should avoid any temptation to one-up something their date says. When a man feels that he doesn’t have to compete with a woman, he is automatically more at ease in her presence.

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